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Monash Children’s Hospital is a leading Australian provider of integrated children’s health services, with over 30 specialist services and programs. We care for over 100,000 children every year.

Your support will help us continue to provide exceptional care for Victorian children at our current children’s hospital as well as at the world class new Monash Children’s Hospital that is due to open in early 2017.

Our wish for Jasmine


Monash Children’s Hospital patient Jasmine Tabash suffers from Tufting Enteropathy, which means her body is unable to process food and liquid.

As an infant, she spent almost an entire year at the Monash Children's Hospital in Clayton, where she was closely observed by doctors and received nutrients through an IV feed

After many months at Monash Children’s Hospital, doctors designed an at-home “mini hospital” so Jasmine could return home. Additionally, doctors have trained Jasmine’s parents on how to give her the nutrients she needs to survive and thrive.

Thanks to the dedication and determination of Jasmine, her parents and the staff at Monash Children’s Hospital, Jasmine is now able to enjoy life at home with her family.